Professional Development Workshops

Since 2005, our group has been invited to take part in professional development sessions for all the teachers in basic schools (early childhood settings) in Zone 8. There are 45-50 schools in the zone, with close to 200 teachers. Each year we have provided workshops and training sessions on topics such as emergent literacy and numeracy, universal precautions, creativity and the preschool child, program planning, circle time, and webbing.

In 2011 we began our first Professional Development focused trip. Differing from our other trips wherein most of our participants are ECE and other students this trip recruits only professional Early Childhood Educators and other professionals working in a variety of roles within the field.  They are then called upon to use their skills to develop and implement training workshops for our community partners in Jamaica. A new addition to this program, on an alternating bi-annual basis is a cross-cultural knowledge exchange wherein our community partners in Jamaica are invited to Canada to participate and deliver professionaldevelopment workshops in the Early Childhood Education field.