Through our work in Riverton Meadows it became apparent that there needed to be more specific focus on engaging youth in leadership training. In 2011 in partnership with Dominican Sisters of Peace, Catholic Health Initiatives, Harmony Movement, and most recently the Maria Anna Brunner Fund, we began to run our Leadership, Empowerment, Action, and Development (L.E.A.D.) programs. These programs have involved youth conferences, youth retreats, and youth camps. The youth have come from two specific inner-city communities: Riverton Meadows, and White Wing, both situated in Kingston, Jamaica.

Through interactive activities, multi-media presentations, skits, art activities, and recently ‘Amazing Race Kingston,’ youth have learned the importance of team-work, have discussed characteristics of a true leader, thought critically about media and it’s effects on the way we see the world, as well as have had the opportunity to meet with others, and become friends with those beyond their community borders.