Educational Sponsorship Program

One of the primary needs of the Riverton community is to get all children in school, and attending regularly, however, in Jamaica everyone pays fees for their children to attend. They need money for books, uniforms, bus fare, extra classes as mandated by the schools, and in most cases, tuition. Due to the lack of financial resources of their parents, the education of many of Jamaica’s children is compromised. Some children are unable to attend on any one day because there is no money for bus fare (schools are rarely within walking distance), or for a lunch. As a result of their sporadic attendance, there can be big gaps in the children’s understanding, knowledge and skills, putting them at risk of failure, or of dropping out of school altogether. In response to this dilemma, past SCB trip participants and their families and friends have committed to helping out families in the community by committing to donate a portion of school fees. At this point we are helping over 65 children in the community, all of who are at different levels of education. There are, however, many more children who can use help.

To sponsor a child please e-mail: